Friday, May 22, 2009


The Philippine stock market has been going up for 2 months now as reflected by PSEi, the main index. PSEi looks quite intact in its uptrend as long as its value is maintained above the immediate support line (violet dotted line). Click image to enlarge!


Commander_eON said...

Hi, I think it's great that there's a budding community of stock-trader/bloggers locally. I am just curious though, where do you get yours charts? I have been searching for a charting platform out of the office because I can't possibly afford a Bloomberg terminal. The PSE charting via Java isn't exactly helpful.

Aldrich Sevilla said...
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Aldrich Sevilla said...

Yo, I'm using amibroker. A friend just hooked it up for me years ago but I update my charts everyday. You have an email? I might be able to help you out. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers.